Round 1 Individual Tests, Solutions, and Scoresheet for your team, will be emailed to registered schools during the day on Tuesday, January 18th.

The schedule for Round 1 is below:

RCML Round One Schedule

Jan. 19                               Information packets and Round 1 Tests and Solutions distributed.

Jan. 19- February 9             ROUND ONE CONTEST WINDOW

Feb. 11, noon                     Appeals deadline

Feb. 14, midnight               Last day to email Round 1 Scoresheet

  Answer sheets for your team will be submitted by November 23rd.  Solutions will be out after Thanksgiving break.  Please talk about the questions within your school but not outside your school until the solutions are posted.  Awards will be given to top scoring schools.  We hope you enjoy participating! 

Please use the following google form to register your school for this year's

Fall Interschool and Spring Individual Rounds.

(Registration is closed from Jan 14-Jan 19th to prepare for Round 1.  Please be sure only teachers or school administrators complete the registration for your school!)

Thank you for your participation!



Interschool Results are almost ready.

The most recently updated Interschool Results will be here.

Click on the button below to download them.

Sponsors will receive an email with the password for the file when they are ready.

Congratulations to everyone! 

We hope you had fun!

Contest Information

The Rocket City Math League is a year-long, student-run, international, four-round math competition for middle and high school students. Tests are sent to registered schools via email before each round, and scores are entered on an online database. Trophies are mailed to the top ranked students and schools at the end of the year. There are five levels of three rounds of individual testing that range from Pre-Algebra to Calculus, and two levels of an Inter-School Test. If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to

Contest Instructions

The interschool test is given in the fall and three rounds of individual tests are given in the spring. Tests must be completed and mailed as soon as possible.

Homeschool Policy

For those who are homeschooled and have questions, Please see this page.


Please register at the google form

Please read the Interschool Administration Letter before you give the Interschool Tests

Mu Alpha Theta & Chi Alpha Mu

The RCML competition is financially supported by Mu Alpha Theta, the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society. If your high school does not currently have a chapter, we have included a link to the petition here. The petition includes an explanation of the benefits of Mu Alpha Theta membership for schools and students. If you are at a middle school, Chi Alpha Mu, the National Middle School Mathematics Club, may offer benefits to your students interested in forming a math club. For the Chi Alpha Mu petition, with an explanation of these benefits, see here.

Please use the following google form to register your school for this year's

Interschool and Individual Rounds.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation