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2023-2024 testing dates are as follows

  • Interschool: November 1th-15th - results due Nov 17

  • Round 1: January 9th-18th - results due Jan 23

  • Round 2: February 6th -15th - results due Feb 20

  • Round 3: March 6th- 22th - results due by March 27


Testing Arrangement

Rocket City Math League (RCML) is a free, student-run mathematics competition in the United States. Run by students at Virgil I. Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama. RCML was started in 2001 and has been annually sponsored by the Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society. The competition consists of a team round (known as Interschool) in the fall and 3 individual rounds in the Spring.



The individual rounds are divided into 5 divisions: Explorer (Pre-Algebra), Mercury (Algebra I), Gemini (Geometry), Apollo (Algebra II), and Discovery (Comprehensive).

Each student will compete in the level corresponding to their current math course or the next higher level.


In the Interschool Round, all students from a school work together on the same test and will submit a single answer sheet for the school. The Interschool Competition is divided into Junior and Senior Levels based on the participants' grade levels.  Schools can only compete in one Interschool level (Junior or Senior). Junior Interschool is for teams with members in 9th grade or below.  If the team has any members in 10th grade or older, that team will compete in the Senior Interschool Competition.

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