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In order to make sure the students have a safe and positive learning environment, various rules must be established in order to make sure that students do not endanger themselves or others with their conduct. The rules are as follows:

1. Students may not leave the classroom without the teacher's permission.

2. When students do leave the room, they must have a Shepard with them.

3. Students may only leave the classroom to go to the bathroom or to get a drink from the water fountain.**

4. Students should be well behaved and ready to participate.

5. Students should raise their hands when they want to contribute to the lesson.

6. Students should not be eating anything in the classroom after the snack period.**

7. Students are expected to throw away their own trash.

8. Students should not bring electronics (video games, iPods, cell phones, ect.). Shepards will collect them if they become a problem.

** Medical Problems and allergies are exceptions. Please let us know ahead of time so we can have something arranged for the students.

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