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The camp schedule is as follows:

October 16th-20th, 2023

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

At Grissom High School

On the last day, Oct. 20th, the camp will be extended, if necessary, to award the trophies.

Student Schedule

First Day: The students will come and check-in at the table at the entrance labeled on the map provided. Students will then be directed into their small groups and each group will be assigned 2 to 3 Shepards (Grissom Math Team members who stay with them until the camp is over). After that, the Shepards will take the students and get them a snack. Then the Shepards will take the students into a classroom. The teacher will start teaching or playing games that involve math. If the student does not get a concept, one of the Shepards will help the student one-on-one.

Second, Third, and Fourth Days: The student will come in and find their Shepards. The Shepards will take the students for a snack and then to the classroom to learn. The teacher will start a lesson by playing a math game and reviewing the previous day's lesson. Then the teacher will go on to teach a new concept. If a student does not get a concept, their Shepard will help the student one-on-one. At the end of the lesson, the teacher will play another math game.

Fifth Day: On this day, the students will be tested on what they learned over the last couple of days. The tests will be graded while the Shepards give Certificates Of Completion to the students. Then the awards will be given, and the students with the top scores will be recognized. All the students are guaranteed a trophy. Parents are allowed to come if they wish.

Parent Schedule

Students will be expected to arrive at Grissom High School by 4:00 PM each day.

Parents are welcome to stay during the camp or they may leave. However, please be sure to be at Grissom High School by 4:45 PM to pick up your child each day except Competition Day (Day 5). On Competition Day, parents are allowed to come to the Auditorium at 4:45 PM to see their child receive an award. The Awards Ceremony should end by 5:15 PM but may change based on the number of students.

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