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Results are ready!  We are mailing plaques soon. 

Thank you all for participating.

Round 3 Tests are ready.  Scoring Input on the website is not working so  you will need to submit scores through the excel spreadsheet found in the download area.  Include scores for all three rounds if possible. 

Nurturing The Next Generation of Math Geniuses


RCML Score Submission

Scores should be submitted on the RCML Score Submission Tab.  This page links your data to the school and email address you entered during Registration on this site.  The Excel Spreadsheets are for your records.  That spreadsheet does not need to be emailed.


Rocket City Math League

Fall Interschool Tests will be emailed to registered schools on November 8th.  Teachers will administer contests to their students in November.  Your team's answer sheets will be mailed in by November 30th.  Solutions will be posted after Thanksgiving break.  Please talk about the questions within your school but not outside your school until the solutions are posted.  Awards will be sent to the top teams in each division. We hope you enjoy the tests! 

Please use the following google form to register your school for this year's

Fall Interschool and Spring Individual Rounds. 


Thank you for your participation!


Rocket City Math League


The Rocket City Math League is a year-long, student-run, international, four-round math competition for middle and high school students. There are five levels of three rounds of individual testing that range from Pre-Algebra to Calculus, and two levels of an Inter-School Test. 


Grissom Math Stars

Grissom Math Stars is a mail-in math competition for 4th through 8th graders. There is an individual and a team test per level. The individual test has 30 questions and the team test has 40 questions. 

We are hosting this competition from

Oct 26-Nov 4 of 2022. Please watch here for more details!

Grissom Junior Math Explorers

The purpose of the Grissom Junior Math Explorers Training Camps is to show 1st through 5th grade students how much fun math can be and to enhance mathematical scholarship in young students.

Explorers Camp will be 

held at Grissom  on 

October 17-21 from 4-5 pm.


Grissom Math Tournament

The 2023 Grissom Math Team Tournament will be held on Saturday April 8, 2023 at Grissom High School in Huntsville, AL. 

There are 5 levels of this competition, from Pre-Algebra to Compregensive. There will be a written exam and a ciphering competition 

Grissom Math Tournament

Our Grissom Math Tournament will be held, April 8, 2023.

Please use the following google form to register your school for this year's Grissom Math Tournament at Grissom High School,

1001 Haysland Rd SW, Huntsville, Alabama, 35802.

Please make sure you register before March 23, 2023.

More details will be posted here soon!

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